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The 6 Best Twitter Tools To Use for Twitter Chat

best twitter tools

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We get it. 

Twitter isn’t the exciting new kid on the block when it comes to social media. But with 192 million daily active users, the platform is still worth your attention.

Both small businesses and global brands have a lot to gain from Twitter.

So, we’re breaking down six of the best Twitter tools you should be using. In particular, this article focuses on the best tools to help you get maximum engagement from Twitter chats.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

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Why You Should Use Twitter Chats

A Twitter chat (also known as a Tweetchat) is a scheduled discussion that happens live on Twitter, and each chat is usually about a specific topic.

To find and participate in a Twitter chat, you need to use the chat hashtag.

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You can view the chat by searching for the hashtag. If you want to participate in the Twitter chat, then you need to include the hashtag in your responses so other chat participants can see your response.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of including Tweetchats in your Twitter marketing strategy.

Twitter Engagement

Your Twitter engagement refers to all of the interactions users have with your tweets. Interactions include:

Your Twitter engagement also measures any clicks, including:

One of the primary benefits of Twitter chats is their ability to increase your Twitter engagement metrics.

In Twitter chats, other Twitter users interact with tweets to shape the discussion. 

For example, users will like and retweet posts that they agree with or reply to tweets with questions or clarifications. 

Twitter chat is a breeding ground for engagement.

Brand Awareness

In addition to generating engagement, participating in Twitter chats can do wonders for your brand awareness

Often, Twitter chats are repeated events that happen at pre-scheduled times. For this reason, popular talks attract lots of participants.

There are few better places to build brand awareness and gain more attention than in a large group of active and engaged Twitter users.

On top of that, chat participation gives your brand exposure to users that aren’t your followers yet.


One of the biggest problems facing social media marketers involves getting authentic feedback from their target audiences

When you find Twitter chats with relevant hashtags, you can gain valuable insight into your potential customers, even if you don’t participate. 

Although, we do recommend participating in the chats to help with brand awareness and engagement. 

When you treat chats as learning sources, you’ll find several ways to get the feedback you need, whether it’s browsing previously held discussions or asking questions and actively participating.


Finally, Twitter chats are excellent places to form business connections. Many Twitter chats have regular participants, making it easier to get to know your industry influencers.

Whether you’re participating as an individual or a brand, interacting in a live discussion on Twitter is one of the best ways to grow your social networks organically.

What To Look For in a Twitter Chat Tool

Managing a successful Twitter chat strategy can be challenging. Tweetchats consist of constant updates and replies on your Twitter feed

It can feel overwhelming when you’re first starting. 

That’s where a Twitter management tool comes in handy. 

Using software makes it easier to keep track of various Twitter chat schedules and requirements so you can focus on being a valuable participant. 

The best Twitter tools for Twitter chat:

With those established, let’s take a look at six of our favorite Twitter marketing tools for Twitter chat.

The 6 Best Twitter Tools for Chat

You can access Twitter chats using the Twitter web app or mobile app. 

However, we recommend using one or two tools to help you find the right chats and make it easier to participate. 

Here are our top recommendations.

1. TwChat


TwChat is a free tool that helps you find and host chats on Twitter. You can log in to TwChat with your Twitter handle and then start a real-time conversation and invite other users to participate.  

TwChat is an excellent platform, even if you don’t want to be a chat host

TwChat’s online tool monitors chat activity on Twitter and pulls tweets into a streamlined chat room display.

Key TwChat features:

Price: Free

Best Twitter chat tool for: Anyone who wants to start their own chat.


tchat io helps you find relevant and trending chats for your business. It also organizes Twitter chats into an easy-to-use chat room interface.

After you link your Twitter account, you can participate in chats directly from The platform automatically includes the chat hashtag, so your replies are always seen. 

Key features:

Price: Free

Best Twitter chat tool for: Getting started with Twitter chats.


hashtags org helps you find the best hashtags for your business and analyze your hashtag performance on Twitter. 

Think of as an online encyclopedia of all hashtags. You can search hundreds of hashtags across numerous genres and find information such as definitions, prolific users, recent tweets, and related hashtags. 

Key features:

Price: Free plan (with limited features). Premium plans start at $49/month.

Best Twitter chat tool for: Creating a comprehensive hashtag strategy.

4. Canva


Canva is an online drag-and-drop design tool that you can use to create engaging graphics for your social media posts. 

Most Twitter chat hosts use graphics to highlight questions and guide discussions. If you’re interested in hosting chats, Canva can take your graphics and branding to the next level. 

Key Canva features:

Price: Free (with limited features). Premium plans start at $9.99/month when billed annually.

Best Twitter chat tool for: Hosts that want to increase user engagement.

5. Instapage


Instapage is a top-rated landing page software used by marketers focused on increasing conversions. If you want to use your Twitter chats to generate tangible leads, try using a sign-up landing page. An interested user can enter an email address to receive reminders of your chat.

Key Instapage features:

Price: 14-day free trial. Premium plans start at $149/month when billed annually.

Best Twitter chat tool for: Sales organizations seeking to collect leads.

6. TweetReports


TweetReports helps you amplify and measure your brand’s Twitter presence. You can use the platform to find Twitter chats to follow. Additionally, if you’re planning to host a chat, you can add your discussion to its online directory for free.

Key TweetReports features:

Price: Free (with limited features). Premium options start at $5/chat and $30/chat for sponsorship.

Best Twitter chat tool for: Improving and measuring brand awareness.

Final Thoughts: The 6 Best Twitter Tools for Managing Twitter Chats

Twitter chats have been around for a long time, but they’re finally getting their day in the sun. In a social media environment saturated with images and video, real-time discussions have a lot to offer brands.

Like any other platform in your digital marketing strategy, we recommend finding social media management tools that help you plan ahead, save time, and generate the best results.

To better understand the performance of all of your social media platforms, explore Fanbooster’s Social Media Analytics software today.

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