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Start the conversation with your social media scheduler

Save yourself time by scheduling social media content in advance. Plan out your posts and set them to publish across all of the social media channels that matter to your audience. 

With Fanbooster you can schedule and publish to

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Take back control of your social media schedule

Improve your productivity and save time with a social media scheduler that simplifies sharing and content curation. Automate your original and curated content sharing so you can focus on creating new content and engaging in real-time with your audience.


You can set your publication to post right away, later, repeat at specific intervals or add it to the queue. To avoid having your posts look like spam – we do give you ability to customize each publication for recurring campaigns.


If you are looking to reach a specific user demographic with your publication you can use publication targeting. Target your audience based on gender, age, geography, career and location.


You can easily geocode your publication with your current location or any other place in the world. Tagging your publication with geo coordinates allows you to tap into local markets and audiences.

Bulk Schedule Messages

Bulk Schedule allows multiple posts to be uploaded, scheduled and published, all at once. It’s accomplished by allowing users to upload a special spreadsheet that tells Fanbooster the time and content of every post you want to schedule.

Publish in style with our native Canva integration

Beautify your social media posts by creating eye-catching photos, videos, and gifs using our new Canva integration. Simplify content creation without ever leaving the Fanbooster app. Social media management has never been this seamlessly visual.

Canva integration

Re-share your best content and bring in more views with Recurring Posts

Recurring Posts

The shelf-life of a social media post is infuriatingly short. Post once and it’s gone forever. Why let your best content go to waste? Make sure your content is seen by your whole audience with Recurring Posts. With Fanbooster, craft a few post variations and set your schedule to publish every few hours or days. Exponentially increase your reach and grow your following.

Post performance usually follows a predictable pattern: it spikes when new content is released and quickly tapers off. Fanbooster massively improves post performance beyond original publication by giving you more engagement on your posts.

Recurring Posts

Syndicate great content from sources your audience loves

You can easily syndicate content from other sources by connecting RSS feeds to Fanbooster. As soon as there is a new publication on an RSS feed, we will automatically post it to your target social properties. You may also choose to curate, review, and possibly change the content before it is published.

Syndication offers a great way of keeping your social channels updated with fresh quality content your followers will love.

Centralize your visuals with a content library

A picture is worth a thousand words – this is certainly true for social messages. Visual imagery is social gold, but finding your images takes time.

Develop a library of ‘approved’ content templates and assets from your client or brand manager available to be published by your social media team across your projects at a moment’s notice. 

Enhance your social posts and save time by consolidating all of your best re-usable content in one place.

evergreen posts

Automatically republish your best content with Evergreen Posts

evergreen posts

Filling up your social media schedule takes time. Some of your content will always be relevant to your business goals. Instead of creating a content spreadsheet and randomly re-publishing those valuable posts on the fly, mark them as Evergreen and have Fanbooster fill in your calendar gaps by automatically adding them to your posting schedule. 

Re-share your best performing social media content across all of your social channels. Make sure they’re seen by your audience no matter the season. With Evergreen Posts, you can save time while ensuring your most important messages are amplified again and again.

Smarter way of sharing your content

Don’t let your content go to waste! Overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content. Stay in the conversation when you curate content.

Protect your brand with an editorial workflow

Editorial Workflow Lite

Ensure that the right messaging gets approved for publishing and off-brand communications get rejected before they hurt your reputation. Set up permissions so your team can design and create engaging social media posts, but only you or your clients can allow the post to go live. 

Editorial Workflow Lite

Fanbooster is mobile

Now you can schedule, review, and publish all of your social media content directly from the Fanbooster app. Available now on iOS and Android.

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