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Office Hours Recap: December 2020


On this month’s Fanbooster Office Hours, we were all about Media.

Watch the replay video or read the recap below for updates to Fanbooster’s media capabilities and an overview of all the tools at your disposal in the Media Library.

As always, Office Hours is a time every month that users can bring any and all questions about using Fanbooster or improving their processes, so take a look at the Q&A to see which topics were covered.

Table of Contents

Increasing Limits for Video Size - 4:02

Fanbooster Product Manager Reggie Azevedo announced that the file size limit for videos has been increased to 1 GB. It does not have to be uploaded through your connected cloud storage, and can be added directly to your Fanbooster projects. 

For users who frequently upload videos, especially lengthy ones to IGTV and other networks, this limit increase is a feature request we’ve heard often and we can finally announce: it’s here!

Below you can see an image of a test case Reggie used with a video we had on hand that neared the limit. You’ll be able to upload videos even slightly larger than this test video, up to 1GB. 

file size 2
file size

Reggie also briefly walked through how to access video uploading. Navigate to the Media Library in Fanbooster, and click on the Upload button. In the drop down menu, you’ll be able to select video. 

bulk uploading

Media Library Overview - 7:25

Marketing Manager Anna Dievendorf  then did a walkthrough of the Media Library functionality. To access the Media Library, navigate to Publishing, and then select Media Library from the drop down menu.

media library

Once in the Media Library, Anna demonstrated that you can view previews of all of your media. Many of the pieces of media you’ll see in your library are actually pulled from link previews. If you share a link, the image associated with the link preview for that post will save as an image you can reuse in your media library. 

When you click on a piece of media, you can select whether you want to view all the published posts associated with that media, or all the future posts that use that media. 

Reminder: If you edit a piece of media, all future scheduled posts that include that media will be updated with the new and improved media. This is a great way to save time and update all future scheduled posts at once, but important to remember if you don’t intend multiple posts to change when you edit. 

Next, we previewed all the options users have for cloud based uploading, which include Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive. You can find and connect these options in the upper right corner of the Media Library. 

cloud based media uploading

Bulk uploading to the Media Library is a practice that can save a lot of time, but it’s key to remember that in order to upload more than one file at a time, users must select “no editor.” To upload media files one at a time and automatically open up the editor, select “editor.”

bulk uploading

To create new designs in Canva, use the “Design with Canva” button and sign into your Canva account in the pop up Canva window. Here you will be able to access the designs associated with your account or create and save new ones. 

One important tip for getting the most out of Canva is to log into your Canva account in your browser first, and add colors, fonts, logos, etc. to your Brand Kit. Once you save preferences in your brand kit, every time you open the Canva window in Fanbooster you’ll be able to match Canva templates to your branding with one click. 

The last must-know functionality in the Media Library comes into play when you access the Media Library from the Post Composer. After clicking “schedule a post” or clicking on the calendar to schedule a post, you’ll see your normal post composer pop up with the option to “Add Media.”

media library from other projects

When you click on this button and the Media Library opens, you’ll see many of the same options as when you access the media library through the Publishing tab. 

However, make note of one small difference: In the drop down menu in the top left corner, you can access the media of any Project to add to the post you’re currently creating. Watch the replay to see us add media from the Fanbooster Project to a post being created in the Project. 

If you have stock images or any other images that can be easily repurposed across different projects, this is a great resource that will help eliminate the need to find and add more media by expanding the media you have at your disposal. 

Q&A - 15:00

Skip to the Q&A section to hear any questions about the Media Library or other questions that users have as they use Fanbooster. 

Every month we host Office Hours to share updates to the product roadmap, tips and tricks, or use screen sharing to work through specific use-cases brought by attendees. If you want to be the first to know about new features or you want tips on how to improve your workflows, we hope you’ll see us at the next Office Hours.

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