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How to Get Verified on All Social Media in 2021

Get Verified Social Media

In the world of social media, it can be challenging to stand out. One of the ways marketers, brands, and individuals can do so is through verification. 

Verified social media accounts are usually marked by a blue checkmark symbol and have become a symbol of online clout and credibility. 

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How To Get Verified on Social Media

When social media verification was first introduced, it was commonly reserved for public figures with huge followings, such as A-list celebrities. Since then, the list of verified users has grown to include brands, companies, journalists, activists, and influencers.

Oprah verified on instagram

Image Source

Getting verified on social media comes with several benefits (in addition to the incredible feeling you get from that blue checkmark), including:

Ultimately, the blue checkmark is about establishing credibility and legitimacy for brands. The social proof you receive from having a verification badge helps you gain followers faster and increase online engagement.

It usually takes more than just a few clicks to get a badge. You generally need to establish an active and noteworthy presence on the platform to become verified. 

Consistent activity and high-quality content are the two core ingredients for building a social media presence worth verifying. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to get verified on social media.

Get Verified on Twitter

Twitter Verification

In 2020, Twitter announced plans to close the public verification process so the team could make some changes. 

You cannot request verification on Twitter currently, but the platform plans to relaunch the application in 2021. Once released, Twitter users can access the form on Twitter’s official website and in the Twitter app. 

Twitter verifies notable and active accounts in the following categories:

In the meantime, you can find the specific requirements for each category on the updated verification requirements page to prepare your Twitter account for the verification process.

How To Get Verified on Facebook

how to get verified on facebook
  1. Go to Facebook’s Request a Blue Verification Badge Page
  2. Select your verification type (page or profile) 
  3. Select a category
  4. Select your country
  5. Upload a photo ID
  6. Explain why your account should be verified 
  7. Hit Send

You must upload an official document to request verification of your Facebook page or profile. 

For individuals, a driver’s license or another government-issued ID card will suffice. For a business page, you can provide articles of incorporation, a certificate of formation, your company’s phone or utility bill, or tax documents.

Screenshot from Facebook

After you send your request, Facebook’s verification team will review your information and make a decision. 

A blue badge will appear on your profile if you’re approved. However, if your request is denied, you can apply again after 30 days. 

Facebook’s verification eligibility requirements are the same as Instagram’s. 

A complete profile on Facebook includes the about section, page or profile photo, and at least one post. You should be active on Facebook and complete other sections, such as the cover photo, to increase your chances of becoming verified.

How To Get Verified on YouTube

If your channel is eligible for a verification badge on YouTube, you can apply on the verification badge page to get the gray checkmark

Get verified on Youtube

YouTube’s team will review the channel to see if it meets the requirements. 

To receive a verification badge, a YouTube channel must have at least 100,000 subscribers and meet the following requirements:

  • Authenticity. Represents a real brand, person, or entity.
  • Completeness. Channels must be public and active. Furthermore, your channel needs to have a profile photo, banner image, description, and great content.

Youtube reserves the right to verify channels with fewer than 100,000 subscribers if the brand, person, or entity is well-known outside of the platform.

How To Get Verified on TikTok

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, TikTok does not have a verification request process. TikTok reviews accounts and gives out verification badges where it sees fit.

jason derulo verified on tiktok

Image Source

TikTok verifies accounts that are authentic, unique, notable, active, and compliant with the company’s community guidelines and terms of service. 

If you’re looking to get verified on TikTok, here are some tips to help you receive a blue checkmark:

Growing a large following on TikTok’s platform is one of the best ways to stand out to its verification team. Ultimately, getting verified requires consistently producing great content and perhaps a bit of luck!

Get Verified on Instagram

  1. Tap the menu icon on your Instagram account profile (upper right-hand corner)
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Account
  4. Select Request Verification
  5. Fill out the Request Verification form
  6. Tap Send 

Submitting the request form for your Instagram profile doesn’t guarantee a blue checkmark. After you fill out the form and send it, Instagram will review your profile and decide whether to verify you. 

Instagram will get back to you within 30 days of submission. You can find the social network’s decision in your notifications center. 

If your request is approved, the verified badge will appear on your profile. If your request is denied, you can apply for a verified account again after 30 days.

allbirds verified on instagram

Image Source

To become verified, your account must not violate Instagram’s terms of use or community guidelines. You also have to meet the following four requirements: 

We recommend reviewing Instagram’s requirements and optimizing your account before you apply. 

The first three Instagram verification requirements are within your control. Achieving notability, on the other hand, isn’t as straightforward. Having an established brand or high-quality mentions from other accounts can help with notability.

How To Get Verified on Google My Business

  1. Sign in to Google My Business
  2. Go to your Google My Business dashboard
  3. Click Verify now in the upper right corner
  4. Make sure your information is correct
  5. Click Mail 
  6. Enter the name of the person receiving the verification postcard
  7. Click Send postcard
  8. When you receive your card, log in and select Verify now (or Verify location)
  9. Enter the verification code on your postcard

Learning how to get verified on social media is helpful for individuals. Businesses, however, should also pay attention to Google verification, which helps with search engine optimization (SEO) and driving more store traffic.

Google verifies most businesses via mail. The team will send you a postcard containing your verification code.

google my business verification

Image Source

Once verified, it can take up to a few weeks for your business information to begin appearing on Google. 

Verifying your business allows your business profile to appear on Google Maps and Google Search. It also means you can add photos and respond to reviews.

How To Get Verified on Pinterest

  1. Make sure you have a business account
  2. Go to Settings and Edit Profile
  3. Select Claim
  4. Follow steps to claim your website
  5. Select Click Here to Complete the Process
joanna gaines verified on pinterest

Image Source

Pinterest will verify that you have successfully claimed your website. Once that’s done, you’ll have a red badge on your profile, and you’ll be able to display your entire website URL too.

How To Get Verified on Snapchat

Snapchat verification

Like TikTok, Snapchat chooses who to verify. There is no request form or application process. 

Snapchat verification is typically reserved for celebrities and influencers with massive followings. The best way to earn a verification badge is by growing your brand awareness and following on Snapchat.

Final Thoughts: How To Get Verified on Social Media Platforms in 2021

Learning how to get verified on social media can be more challenging than it seems. The steps to request verification are simple, but becoming approval-worthy usually takes time and patience. 

After all, if it were easy, everyone would have a badge. Verification badges create value because they are exclusive. 

So, take the time to build a strong brand presence and grow your following before spending all your time on verification. If you consistently share valuable content on your profile, verification will come naturally. 

To automate your social media process and grow your following, explore Fanbooster’s social media scheduler software.

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