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New App Alert: Everything You Wanted To Know About Clubhouse

clubhouse voice chats

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Move over, TikTok — there’s a new rising social media platform on the block: Clubhouse voice chat.

It seems like ages ago when social media first emerged to foster genuine connections and create a sense of community online. 

In a digital landscape of viral dances and influencers galore, Clubhouse is shifting the focus back to authentic social interactions using actual conversations.

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Clubhouse Voice Chat App

Paul Davison and Rohan Seth launched Clubhouse in March of 2020 as another Silicon Valley startup

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, the app (in its beta stage) has skyrocketed in popularity. Despite being known for its exclusivity, the invite-only voice-based chat room app’s user base grew to two million people by February 2021

As of February 2021, the app is only available for iPhone users and Apple iOS. Those with Android devices will be unable to download Clubhouse.

The creators intend to use 2021 to complete the app’s beta stage and prepare it for a full mainstream launch. 

In a world full of social media platforms racing to add more video post formats, Clubhouse remains an audio app. The app creators are betting on the sole power of the human voice to power a social network.

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How Clubhouse Works

Clubhouse empowers users to engage in real time conversations by creating voice chat rooms

Once invited, users can download the app and create a profile. You can start virtual conversations as a moderator or listen to any ongoing conversations. 

Listeners can view profiles of speakers and other listeners. You can also ping other users in the same room. In some rooms, you’re able to join in the conversation. 

When you’re ready to leave a conversation, you can do so without notifying anyone by using the “Leave Quietly” button.

Once you create your account, you can send a Clubhouse voice chat invite.

Getting Started With Clubhouse Voice Chat

Unfortunately, getting Clubhouse is not as simple as searching for it on the app store and downloading it. You need a Clubhouse app invite from an existing user. 

The invite allows you to download the app and create a Clubhouse profile. You’ll then be prompted to follow other users and topics on the app.  

Once you create your account, you can send a Clubhouse voice chat invite.

Finding Communities on Clubhouse

There are several ways to find virtual communities on the Clubhouse voice chat app

  1. You can give the app access to your contacts to find people to follow. Clubhouse will show you everyone in your contact list that’s already on the app.
  2. You can look for other users to follow on the app. There are already several notable people and celebrities with an active Clubhouse presence, such as Drake, Oprah, Jared Leto, and Kevin Hart
  3. You can explore and follow topics of interest on the app.  

People use Clubhouse’s audio chat room feature to discuss everything from entertainment and sports to world affairs or just to hang out.

explore topics

Screenshot from Clubhouse app

4. You can use the search function to find and join clubs that might interest you. Clubs are private communities that bring people with similar interests together. 

Examples of clubs include:

When you find a club that interests you, you can follow it and receive notifications of scheduled and spontaneous virtual conversations. 

To become a club member, you need to receive an invite from its founder/administrator. Typically, members are allowed to host and participate actively in the club’s conversations.

Starting and Joining Conversations on the Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is an excellent place to facilitate real-life interactions, whether you’re hosting a room or just listening. 

Here’s how to get started in virtual conversations.

How To Join a Room

When you open the Clubhouse voice chat app, your dashboard includes a search bar, calendar of upcoming chats, and links to current active rooms. 

The app suggests active rooms based on your interests and who you follow. But you can view more rooms by clicking the “Explore” button at the bottom of the page. 

Cards for active rooms display the club (if applicable), room title, and speaker list. Once you find a room that interests you, click on its card to join.

clubhouse room

Screenshot from Clubhouse app

You’ll immediately be added to the room, and your voice will be muted. If you want a chance to speak or ask a question, use the Hand icon to let the speakers know you’re interested. 

If you’re invited to speak, you’ll see a dropdown notification on the top of your screen that lets you join and unmute yourself.

How To Start a Room on Clubhouse

It’s easy to host a conversation on Clubhouse. Open the Clubhouse app, and you’ll see a green button that says +Start a room.

types of rooms

Screenshot from Clubhouse app

When you click on the button, Clubhouse prompts you to set the topic and choose which type of room you want to start: open, social, or closed. 

Here’s how each room works:

Once you select a room type, set your topic. Topics on Clubhouse are limited to 60 characters and should give a brief overview of the room’s conversation. 

If you opt to start a closed room, the app will ask you to select people to invite before you start.

How To Create a Club on Clubhouse

If you want to create a more longstanding virtual community on Clubhouse, you can start a club. The process is simple, but there are a few requirements. You must have hosted at least three chat rooms, and Clubhouse reviews all clubs before allowing them on the app. 

After you’ve hosted your three rooms, go to your account settings by tapping on the gear icon on your profile. In Settings, select FAQ/Contact Us; this will open up a page in your web browser.

knowledge center

Image Source

Find the question that says “How can I start a club?” and click on the arrow to expand and see the response. 

There will be a link that says “here” at the bottom of the answer. Tap on the link to access and fill out the club request form. Once you press submit, sit tight and wait to hear back from the Clubhouse team.

Final Thoughts: Clubhouse Voice Chat—What You Need To Know About the App

Clubhouse may still be the new kid on the block, but it’s already proven to be a gathering space for savvy people across all industries. What this social network means for marketers is yet to come. 

Still, the beta version of Clubhouse is an invaluable place to find engaged virtual communities (and potentially start your own). You can find communities of like-minded marketers and business owners and discuss everything from financial planning to social media app analytics. 

To learn more about social media scheduling and analytics tools, visit Fanbooster today.

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